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Robin Roberts is a qualified mediator registered with the Mississippi Supreme Court.  He is willing to work with you and your clients to bring them to a settlement agreement.  Fairness, toughness, creativity, being a good listener, and lots of experience on both sides and with the court marks him as a “go to” lawyer for mediation.

With over 25 years of legal experience in Mississippi, Robin has settled literally hundreds of cases.  As a long-time lawyer, he understands the value of ADR first-hand, and believes that if a settlement can be reached, it is often a better solution for both parties.  He works hard to get a matter resolved in his mediation sessions, so both parties and their attorneys are satisfied (or sometimes equally dissatisfied) with the result.

In fact, one of Roberts’ strengths as a mediator is his ability to see creative opportunities for negotiation in new and unexpected ways.  He often sees avenues others have overlooked.  Roberts has experience working as a plaintiffs’ and defendants’ attorney, so as a mediator, he is not only neutral in the case he is reviewing, but versatile enough to see the case as a lawyer for both sides would see it.

Roberts is reasonable and a good listener, and will provide a professional yet informal and sympathetic sounding board for your clients to tell their stories.  Listening carefully to each side’s concerns often provides him the key to finding common ground upon which a settlement can be negotiated.

Since he has experience handling both sides of litigation cases, Roberts also knows when a negotiation has reached its breaking point, and can work with your clients to help persuade them to take a settlement offer that you think is fair.

Roberts is willing to evaluate independently, and has a comfortable facilities to conduct mediations in Hattiesburg, centrally located to both Jackson and the Gulf Coast. Please call if you are interested in having Mr. Roberts mediate a case for you and your clients.

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